Vegetarian, vegetalian, vegan

Good to know before to read : when I was translating my article, I’ve learned that in English there isn’t « vegetalian » word. Actually, « vegetalian » means vegan. But in France, at least, we make a difference between vegetarian, vegetalian and vegan. Even if I think it’s more logical to say vegetarian and vegan only.

The vegetarian diet consist in excluding of her diet animal flesh. It means : meat, cold cuts (pork meat products ? I found a lot of translation), fish, seafood…

The vegetalian diet excluded animal flesh (like the vegetarian diet) and every food that came from animals. So : meat, fish, cold cuts, seafood and also honey, cheese, milk, eggs, etc…

Being vegan, it’s not only having a vegetalian diet, it’s a way of life in which in addition to being vegetalian, we excluding every product that came from animals : fur, leather, wool, animal rennet (in cheese, for example) (coagulating agent), etc. It’s a way of life which refuses animal exploitation. It’s been several years since I’m vegetarian, it’s a quite easy diet to adopt, more easy than vegetalian diet. There is also less pressure from the family. I’m vegan for nearly one year (in september).  I had tried to adopt this diet twice I think, the last few years. The trouble is that I didn’t know enough about this subject. I thought it was enough to buy « vegan » products at the hypermarket : « vegan » breakfast, « vegan » patties, « vegan » desserts, « vegan » steak,… Clearly, the food industry very quickly adapted and made us a lot of « vegan » products, not always good for health, but extremely good for their wallets… Not for ours 😉 Seeing that this food mode was really too expensive, I quickly being compelled to stop it without really thinking about the question. At the same time, my entourage and the doctors wasn’t really encouraging me : « you don’t eat meat anymore ? But you’re going to die! » – « You don’t drink milk anymore ? Well, that’s not good for your bones… ». And then,  last September, I was questioning myself, I saw a lot of videos like Gary Yourofsky’s speech, or this one. There are also many videos on this topic on Netflix. So, after looking this, I make some researches and I quickly understood my mistake : I trusted in food industries to teach me how to eat vegan. I bought blindly, thinking it was the only way to be vegan, and it was too expensive and in the end, not necessary.

So over time I realized that I don’t need all of this « vegan food » and that it was only marketing. You can be vegan without being rich, it’s even cheaper. Meat is really expensive. To replace meat, there are for example lentil, and between the two there is a significant price difference. 

I will soon wrote an article about my own vegan experience. 

Thank you so much for reading me! And what about you, a diet in particular ?

Please, if you see a mistake, let me know ! I’m not bilingual yet, I’m still learning and I want to be fluent in English!

Videos 🙂

Gary Yourofsky’s speech

Vegan 2017 – The Film 


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