To be vegan

Hello 🙂

As promised, an article about veganism in particular because it’s the diet I’ve adopted.

Little reminder : to be vegan it’s a way of life (no animals flesh, no cheese, milk, eggs, honey… and no animals products at all, even clothes : fur, leather, wool, etc.

You must know that there are different reasons that push people to adopt this diet: some became vegan for their health, and some do it for animals, and other for this two reasons. 

In this article I will tell you about my personal experience as a vegan.

I adopted this diet in September 2017, but I had already « experienced » a few years ago, colliding the financial cost. Before, I thought I needed vegan products for my breakfast, my lunch, my dinner and for fun. So I bought « vegan » cakes, « vegan » steaks etc … And it comes back, very quickly, very expensive. On top of that, you can add : family’s opinion and doctor’s ignorance. It’s also, unfortunately, too often perceive like a passing fad, certainly because of the magazines, the industry and the ads. In short, it’s THE topic whose everyone is talking about, with its supporters and its critics.

And us, in all of that, we are amid of this « media war ». All the doctors I met were against this diet. But guess what ? Doctors (I mean general practitioner) doesn’t know nothing about food and nutrition! In any case in France, doctors I met, maybe it’s different in other country, doesn’t study nutrition during their medicine studies. Do you know something about doctor’s studies in your country ?

Then, few years have passed, and I found this video. I made several researches and I thought : I was fooled by food industry! I didn’t need all of this food stamped « vegan ». Fruits, vegetables, oleaginous fruits, feeds, are already naturally vegan! The starches : rice, pasta, couscous, quinoa, millet, etc… are all vegan! Surpriiiise 🙂 We can be vegan without becoming poor! So I started, influencing my wife with me. We were already vegetarian since a long time, so it wasn’t a big change. Except for… cheese. Yes, that’s true, I confess everything! We were crazy about cheese. We were big cheese consumers, we could eat a log of goat cheese, family size in one day if we didn’t stop ourselves. However, our desire to become vegan and to spare animals was more strong than our love for cheese 🙂 and there are plants based cheeses (thanks God)! Top hearts! It isn’t the same taste but it’s just as good!

To become vegan means having to pay attention to his diet : eat a balanced diet and varied! When we decided to become vegan, it’s good to make some research on possible deficiencies, what I didn’t do very well… In December 2017, my fingers of my right hand, was red  and painful in terms of my articulation. I saw two generals practitioners, I did radios, I saw a rheumatologist, no one knew what I had! It’s was crazy and scary. Then, in February / March 2018 I did a blood test and I had a huge B12 deficiency (article coming soon). It was therefore necessary that I complement me. Then I repeat the test one month later and everything was back in order, even better than before (for iron in particular) and  my fingers were in such better condition. Whew!

Nice little summary 🙂

Negative points 😦

  • Being vegan is … to learn to decipher the ingredients : additives and other animal origin ingredients (I will develop it in an article)
  • Being vegan is … to be treated as an « extremist » : there are a lot of « vegan extremists » on the web, people who want to impose their diet and judge those who don’t want to become like them. Unfortunately everyone are often put in the same basket.
  • Being vegan is … to supplement with B12 because today’s world is too aseptic.


Positive points 🙂

  • Being vegan is … to demonstrate inventiveness and curiosity, we discover different dishes from other countries like :  tofu, toppoky (a kind of Korean pasta), ramen …. We cook differently, we learn to know more vegetables and fruits.
  • Being vegan is … to agree with his way of thinking: I love all animals and I don’t want to hurt them, that’s why I became vegan.
  • Being vegan is … do not participate in animal suffering : animal exploitation, murder…
  • Being vegan is … to adopt a diet to save our planet
  • Being vegan is … become a specialist in vegetable protein : we are constantly hearing that we are  going to have a protein deficiency. If we adopt a balanced and varied vegan diet : there will be no protein deficiency! And by the way, people who saying this are rarely a protein specialist 😉 Small info: combine lentils with rice : you will get complete and quality proteins 🙂
  • Being vegan is … to learn to accept the views of others : our friends and/or our families may not be agree with this diet, or eat meat. So you have to respect the choice of each. We are free to talk about veganism, to explain the benefits of this diet, but we can’t force anyone to adopt this way of life.


Through all this relentless researches, I discovered a true passion for food and nutrition in general. I learn a lot of stuff and I realize that nutrition was an important knowledge, or even essential, to live healthy even with a disease. This is one of the reasons which pushed me to created this site.

Soon I’ll do an article on the impact of animal agriculture on our beautiful planet. Stay informed ! 

Let me know what you think! Good or bad, I take everything  🙂

See you soon  🙂


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