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Yoga : the benefits for the health

Yoga means « union » in Sanskrit. It’s a body practice that involves a combination of physical postures, breathing exercises and meditation or relaxation. Yoga is practice to promote improved control of mind and body and to enhance well-being. Yoga has several benefits: reduction of stress, anxiety, depression and blood pressure, there is also an improvement of back pain (chronic low back pain), migraines, sleep ans general … Continuer de lire Yoga : the benefits for the health

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Sugar and Sweeteners

Hello everyone 😀 The goal being to make my knowledge accessible to all, I will try to popularize in this article. First, take what we know : White sugar (or table sugar) is a refined sugar with empty calories: you can see the nutritional information: apart calories (and sugar) it contains nothing. Refined sugar doesn’t bring you anything. It isn’t essential to our body, on the … Continuer de lire Sugar and Sweeteners

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Free the nipples / No bra !

Ladies and gentleman !  The situation is serious. For centuries it lies to you. This is high treason! Worst! A scam! What would you say if I sold you a product and I would tell you that this product is so essential for you and that your well-being depends on it… And actually it’s not the case at all! You will be shocked (and angry) … Continuer de lire Free the nipples / No bra !

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To be vegan

Hello 🙂 As promised, an article about veganism in particular because it’s the diet I’ve adopted. Little reminder : to be vegan it’s a way of life (no animals flesh, no cheese, milk, eggs, honey… and no animals products at all, even clothes : fur, leather, wool, etc. You must know that there are different reasons that push people to adopt this diet: some became vegan … Continuer de lire To be vegan

Vegetarian, vegetalian, vegan

Good to know before to read : when I was translating my article, I’ve learned that in English there isn’t « vegetalian » word. Actually, « vegetalian » means vegan. But in France, at least, we make a difference between vegetarian, vegetalian and vegan. Even if I think it’s more logical to say vegetarian and vegan only. The vegetarian diet consist in excluding of her diet animal flesh. It … Continuer de lire Vegetarian, vegetalian, vegan

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English version

[I’m translating all my articles, sorry if you don’t find yet what you are looking for. It’s coming soon!] Welcome everybody! I’m a french girl but I want my website to be accessible to all and I think that english is the most adapted language. Nowadays it’s difficult to be aware of everything and according to me, nutrition and health are very important topic, so here … Continuer de lire English version